Health Conditions

  • Weight Loss
  • Digestion
  • Fatigue/Energy
  • Immune System
  • Menopause/PMS
  • Add/ADHD
  • Auto Immune
  • Hair Loss

What To expect from A Map my health online visit:

  • A goal of getting your health back
  • A food Plan/Journal/Schedule for Phaze 1 customized for your body
  • A supplement schedule that supports your body-customized
  • E mail/Phone support for your health
A customized supplement plan

A customized supplement plan


Please fill form out , If you would like to contact us, or you call call 585-310-7860 or E-Mail:

Map My Health Iridology Appointment

Anyone with a smart phone or a digital camera can now access our services by telephone.

First, schedule your Initial Visit by calling our office at 585-310-7860

or email us at Info@Mapmyhealthonline

Together we can determine the most convenient means of technology for your visit.  The simplest is to email a photo of each of your eyes, separately, but there are other methods available as well.

After your virtual visit, we will email your new customized plan and

you can begin your journey to optimal health.

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