The iris is like a fingerprint.  An Iridology examination can assess color variation, pigmentation, structure and other characteristics of the iris which provide information about an individual’s health and well-being.  After the analysis, the client is empowered with an understanding of their body and health and is equipped with valuable and realistic recommendations for making improvement.  Proclaimed throughout the ages as ‘windows of the soul,’ the eyes are now acknowledged as mirrors of the body and likened to miniature television screens recording the condition of various organs and tissues throughout the body.

Iridology can be viewed as a ‘discovery tool,’ helping to identify areas of imbalance in the body.  The main points that are covered during an Iridology Analysis are:

·   Identification of inherent predispositions.  No one is born with a clean slate in the eye; we are all born with different natural strengths and weaknesses.  The body will always manifest illness in its weakest areas first, typically when a person becomes stressed, out of balance, toxic or nutritionally deficient.   By gaining knowledge and insight regarding your own inherent weaknesses, you can learn to listen to your body, understand better when you becoming out of alignment, and learn to work with your body to stay healthy and strong.

  •    Accumulation of any trauma experienced during a lifetime.  The brain remembers everything that has ever happened to your body.  It is like the hard drive of the body, and the irises are like the file folders, but there is no ‘delete’!  In the eyes, we can see if there has been trauma to an area of the body through injury, especially if the injury is still causing pain or imbalance in the body, as well as current conditions,  indicating exactly where you are experiencing inflammation or an abnormal condition, sometimes even without awareness.  In Iridology, we are always looking at the body as a whole, taking into account that a problem with one organ in the body will affect every other organ in the body.

In looking in the eye, we can view all body systems and organs at once, including circulatory, gastro-intestinal, glandular, skeletal, neurological, muscular and uro-genital systems. This assessment completely supports other natural healing modalities because it is holistic by definition.

During an Iridology Analysis, Carla makes personalized recommendations for improvement, taking into account your current diet and lifestyle and whatever other factors may be presently involved in your condition.  After the examination, you will have a better understand of your body and health and feel empowered and motivated to begin making positive change.

Ultimately, the responsibility to seek good health lies within you. When you are ready, Iridology can give you valuable insight and many of the tools that you will need to begin your healing journey.