Global Nutrition offers a client-centered approach to help you achieve Optimal Health using Functional Nutrition. Functional Nutrition seeks to address the way food affects the body on a cellular level. Carla Buscaglia has the ability to meet your health challenges using food as medicine in a many unique ways. Nutrition is an integral part of the healing process.

Specific nutrients are essential for proper detoxification, healthy genetic expression, energy, focus, attention, mental health, thyroid function; virtually every bodily process relies on proper nutrition. We can prevent illness as well as mitigate many ailments simply using the appropriate nutrition and supplementation


Welcome to Global Nutrition and the beginning of a healthier, livelier and more energetic you.  We are a leader in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Whether you are looking to reduce the signs of aging, facing hormonal decline or simply want to get back to a time when you felt better, Global Nutrition  is here to help you redefine your future self.

Global Nutrition is founded in the belief that we can all feel fabulous at any age. You don’t need to accept illness, fatigue, dysfunction or decline in the quality of life as you age. At Global Nutrition, our goal is to improve the way you look and feel, period.

Global Nutrition has a proactive healthcare approach to aging and looks forward to helping men and women age better. Carla Buscaglia is uniquely qualified to address all aspects of hormonal imbalance, as well as metabolic disorder.


Specialties Include: 

Thyroid function

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anxiety and Depression

Autoimmune Conditions

Weight Loss  



Digestion Disorders

Leaky Gut  

Women's Health

Pain Management

Adrenal Fatigue

Seasonal Allergies

Sinus Problems

Depleted Immune System

Urinary Tract Infections









Carla Buscaglia is a Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist, Certified Nutritionist and National Health Researcher. Carla's passion is Holistic Medicine and helping clients achieve and maintain their health goals. Carla has been in Business for over 17 years. She herself has overcome Digestion Disorders and Fibromyalgia.

 Recent Accolades:

"Carla really got to the bottom of my problems and I feel great".....Mary T.

"The weight loss and energy I experienced with Global Nutrition surpassed any of my expectations!".....Diana P

"I'm not depressed anymore!"....Danee