Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier


Help Cleanser Your Breathing Space - Light and Attractive - Ideal for Travelers


Dimensions  2.625" x 1.625" x 1.125"

Weight  1.5 oz.

Color  Black

Functionality.  Solid Platinum Emitter

 Electroplated Gold Grid

Battery  Lithium CR123A (1) included

Battery Life  Approximately 50 Hours

Accessory  Neck Strap

Thank you for purchasing Dr. Mercola's ClearAir Personal Air Purifier, the top of the line unit for individualized air purification systems. Weighing in at a sleek 1.5 ounces, this personal air purifier helps cleanse your breathing space. This unit offers the ultimate design in advanced plasma discharge. It comes equipped with a solid platinum emitter, electroplated gold grid and a breakaway strap for user safety.

Getting Started:

Find the switch located on the side of your Clear Air Personal Air Purifier and slide it up into the "ON" position. The indicator light located under the grill will blink when the unit is on.

Use the included necklace to hang your ClearAir Personal Air Purifier around your neck, or use the clip to clasp it to your clothing. Your ClearAir Personal Air Purifier should be located roughly 6 to 8 inches beneath your nose with the metal grill facing upward.

With the unit turned turned on and in the proper position, you will feel clean air flow upward as you inhale.

hen not in use, turn off your Clear Air Personal Air Purifier by sliding the switch down into the OFF position.

NOTE: This product does not contain a fan or mechanical blower.

NOTE: Windy conditions may interfere with the effectiveness of the unit.


Locate the battery access door on the side of the unit.

Slide the door all the way off to expose the used battery.

Place your finger against the positive side of the battery, push towards the negative side and swing the positive side out.

Replace with a new battery by inserting positive(+) end first, and push negative(-) end onto its metal contact.

Using the grooved rails, slide the battery access door back on until it clicks into place.


If the indicator light does not come on, the battery may need to be replaced.

lf there is no airflow present when you turn on your ClearAir Personal Air Purifier, the battery may needto be replaced.

If your ClearAir Personal Air Purifier makes a hissing sound, gently blow into the top of the grill to dislodge dust build up.

TIP: In order to increase clean air flow, bend your head forward to draw in more ionized

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