GN Wellness Programs

(In Office or Virtual)

We Bring You Back To Life
Our goal is to focus on you as a individual and to carefully design a nutrition program based on your goals, with your current and future health in mind.
— Carla Buscaglia CN,ID,MH,

Our programs start with the "GN Basics":

  • Customized Wellness Management Plan:

    • Multi-disciplined care focused on nutritional healing, lifestyle modification and stress reduction.

  • Iridology exam to identify areas for correction

  • Comprehensive analysis of your physical condition

  • Daily/weekly email correspondence

  • Follow up visits to assess your progress:

    • Modify your nutritional plan and advance to the next phase of your program.

  • Initial visits are 1 hour, each visit after is 40 minutes.

  1. Vibrant Program (Best Value) $1,150.00 (Includes the GN Basics)
  • 12 monthly visits (one full year from purchase date)
  • 15% off all supplements for the year (excludes IntraMax and Progesterone Cream)
  • Includes 2 foundation supplements: GN Vitamin C and GN Max Adrenals

        2. Lively Program $679.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • 5 monthly visits (Includes initial visit)
  • 10% off all supplements for 6 months (excludes IntraMax and Progesterone Cream)

       3. Revive Program $429.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • 3 monthly visits (Includes initial visit)

Below are "a la carte" visits for existing clients that have been seen in the last 12 months:       

        1. Boost Visit $85.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • Program visit for 40 minutes within 7 months of your last visit
  • Designed to manage progress from your program
  • Iridology exam to measure improvements and make necessary changes
  • Check-in email after follow up visit.

        2. Thrive Visit $135.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • Off program visit for 40 minutes within 8-12 months of your last visit

PLEASE NOTE: After 12 months ANY visit you schedule will be treated as a new client program.

Any missed appointments without 48 hour notice of cancellation will be charged the full appointment fee. This applies to in-office and virtual appointments.

10% Discount available for Seniors (65 yrs and older), Military and Couples. Couples discount will be taken off the 2nd person's visit. (excludes IntraMax and Progesterone Cream).

All supplements and services are non-refundable.

Most HSA Cards cover visit/supplements