Wellness Programs:

Here at Global Nutrition we put YOU first! Our programs are tailored to give you maximum results based on the time and effort you put in!

Are you ready for a healthier you?

Our programs (In-Office or Virtual) start with the “GN Basics”:

  • Customized Wellness Management Plan:

  • Multi-disciplined care focused on nutritional healing, lifestyle modification and stress reduction.

  • Iridology exam to identify areas for correction

  • Comprehensive analysis of your physical condition

  • Daily/weekly email correspondence

  • Follow up visits to assess your progress:

  • Modify your nutritional plan and advance to the next phase of your program.

  • Initial visits are 1 hour, each visit after is 40 minutes


  1. Vibrant Program (Best Value) $1,150.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • 12 monthly visits (one full year from purchase date)

  • 15% off all supplements for the year (excludes Intramax/Progesterone Cream)

  • Includes 2 foundation supplements: GN Vitamin C and GN Adrenals2.


2.Lively Program $679.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • 5 monthly visits (includes initial visit)

  • 10% off all supplements for 6 months (excludes Intramax/Progesterone Cream)

  1. Revive Program $429.00 (Includes the GN Basics)

  • 3 monthly visits (includes initial visit)

  1. Boost Visit $85.00    

  • Program visit for 40 minutes within 7 months of your last visit

  • Designed to manage progress from your program

  • Iridology exam to measure improvement and make necessary changes

  • Check-in email after follow up visit

  1. Thrive Visit $135.00

  • Off program visit for 40 minutes within 8-12 months of your last visit

PLEASE NOTE: After 12 months, any visit you schedule will be treated as a new client program

Any missed appointments without 48 hrs notice of cancellation will be charged the full appointment fee. This applies to in-office and virtual appointments.

10% Discount available for seniors (65 yrs. and older), Military, and Couples. (excludes Intramax/Progesterone Cream). Couples discount will be taken off the 2nd person’s visit.

All supplements and services are non-refundable.