How does it work?

An Iridology exam reveals color variation, pigmentation, structure and other characteristics of the iris which provide information about an individual’s health and well-being.  After the analysis, the client is empowered with a new understanding of their body and health, along with valuable and realistic recommendations for making improvement. The eyes are the “windows of the soul” and also acknowledged as mirrors of the body and likened to miniature monitors recording the condition of various organs and tissues throughout the body.

Iridology is a discovery tool which identifies areas of imbalance in the body:

Identification of inherent predispositions.  No one is born into perfect health; we are all born with different natural strengths and weaknesses. The body will manifest illness in its weakest areas first, typically in response to stress, imbalance, toxicity or nutritional deficiency.  Identifying your body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses is the foundation for recognizing when you are becoming out of alignment and determining specifically what you need to do to maintain your optimal health.

Accumulation of trauma experienced during your lifetime:

Your brain remembers everything that has ever happened to your body.  It is like the hard drive of the body and your irises are like the file folders, but there is no “delete”.  In your eyes, we can see if there has been trauma to an area of your body through injury, especially if the injury is still causing pain or imbalance in your body, as well as current factors, indicating exactly where you are experiencing inflammation or any other abnormal condition.  Sometimes you may not even be aware of the full impact that a health condition may pose.  In Iridology, we are always looking at the body as whole, understanding that a problem with one organ in the body will affect every other organ in the body.

An Iridology Exam provides a view of all of the body’s systems and organs at once, including circulatory, gastro-intestinal, glandular, skeletal, neurological, muscular and uro-genital systems.   This assessment completely supports other natural healing modalities.

After the exam and analysis, you will have an understanding of your body and health condition.  We provide you with personalized recommendations for dietary and lifestyle adjustments designed to empower and motivate you toward your ideal health.

Ultimately, the responsibility to seek effective healthcare lies within you.  When you are ready, Iridology will give you the insight and tools you need to reveal your health potential.